The rooms of the Masseria

The rooms and suites of the accommodation, all independents and different from each other, will welcome you to “pamper yourself”, in the Salento-inspired country chic style, with the typical star vaults, which give an elegant character and a deep light to the rooms, combining the rural context of the countryside with the comforts of today.
The housing units, derived from the accurate conservative restoration, are named after the aromatic plants of the Mediterranean scrub present in the property: Corbezzolo (Strawberry tree), Lentisco (Pistacia lentiscus), Alloro (Bay tree), Mirto (Myrtle), Lavanda (Lavender), Rosmarino (Rosemary), Salvia (Sage), confirming the deep link between the history of the house and the nature that hosts it.
On the first floor the view from the panoramic terrace is breathtaking, with the long multitude of ancient olive trees, while on the ground floor the continuity of the garden on both sides creates a natural link between green spaces and interior environments, almost as if there were no distinction between indoor and outdoor.