Lecce and Otranto


The easternmost city of Italy, OTRANTO, with its historic center, a UNESCO heritage site, affiliated with the most beautiful villages in Italy, deserves a special mention, given the historical-tourist importance it represents. In fact, who comes to Apulia cannot but browse the small streets, the stairs and balconies of the city, to not lose the hidden corners of a thousand-year-old city.
The Cathedral with the floor mosaic of the family tree, the Byzantine church of St. Peter, the Sanctuary of the martyrs and the church of the Madonna dell’Altomare, religious symbols. During summer, tourists and residents of the area participate as protagonists in the traditional rituals and celebrations handed down from centuries.

In addition, Otranto, protected by the walls and the Aragonese castle, possessed sighting towers on the coast that still exist today, as a defense from the conquerors coming from the sea, among which we recall the assault of the Turks, who left an indelible mark in the citizens, due to the martyrdom of 800 of them.

At 30 minutes by car, LECCE, a recognized city of art and considered by critics as the Southern Florence, thanks to the Baroque opulence that characterizes churches, palaces and historic houses, expresses its best in the Basilica of Santa Croce and the Piazza of the Duomo, with the other dozens of artifacts in the entire historic city center.

This brief description of the territory surrounding the Baronial Large Farm does not claim to be exhaustive, but suggestive of a part of emotions reserved for the guests of our house. However the presence of signs, figures, testimonies, perceived everywhere, express a profound lightness of the places, to those who choose to live the Salento. Enjoy.

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